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2020-10-22 10:19 pm
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Friends Only~

if you wanna be friends, then let's be friends
there's no holding back
it's all up to you

comment to be added

I'll add anyone that wants to be added but if you want me to keep up with your post, see post below ♥
If you want to be a quiet lurker, that's fine too.

Anything I share on this JOURNAL SHOULD NOT BE POSTED ANYWHERE ELSE. Thank you

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2010-11-11 07:00 pm

Public Post: The Friending Post.

This will probably be my last public entry for a while but here goes:

The Friending Post

Tangy &! }
I just wanted to say Thank you if you friended Me. I ♥ making new friends & getting to know more people. But as of currently, I have over 175+ friends & I really only know about 1/10 of those people.

I don't mind lurkers/stalkers but please,

If you are going to keep up with my posts, let me know so I can keep up with yours so we can exchange comments & fangirl moments. I promise I won't stalk you too much. ;]
&edit. No massive delating but I would like to know who still keeps up.

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2010-10-28 03:00 pm
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Scrapbook 2009//xtainted_blackx

Stole this idea from someone. I thought it sound really cool ♥ I'm going to try to keep it updated as much as possible throughout the year. Its going to be my public record of 2009 & its inspiring me to change my LJ more like my new profile & FO banner.
Join [ profile] 2009_scrapbook

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2009-05-01 10:02 am

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2008-08-17 12:43 am

Anime Batch 8: Everything.

PLEASE GO HERE @ [ profile] elicit_graphics to see the entry
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2008-02-19 11:18 pm
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2008-01-19 11:45 am
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2007-12-28 03:01 pm
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2007-12-24 06:10 pm

JRock Wallpapers & Headers

JRock Wallpapers:

2x The Gazette
1x Miyavi
1x D'espairsRay
1x Matsumoto Kazuyuki


Images were taken from [ profile] jrock_scans & [ profile] silly_god_disc0

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2007-12-17 08:12 pm

Death Note Graphics

Death Note Banners & Headers

3x Death Note Headers
1x Death Note Banners


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2007-12-15 09:33 pm

Supernatural/J squared Banners

So I finally got around to doing Supernatural/J squared images. *cheers*

This is the result:

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2007-12-06 04:10 pm

Miyavi & JRocker Graphics

So in honor of me creating a new layout for my livejournal, I created some graphics:

3x Miyavi Banner/Header
1x Alice Nine Banner
1x Vidoll Banner
+ Icons


Warning: image heavy

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2007-10-07 10:47 am

(no subject)

So this is my first time EVER posting art on livejournal to share. I am new at photoshop. I just started sometime in the summer. I am a HUGE jrock fan so I decided to share some of my art. Hope you like it.

Miyavi Icon x10
Girugamesh Icon x1
Sadie x1
Miyavi Header x1
Miyavi Banner x2
Unknown JRocker Banner x1
Dir en Grey Banner x1
Girugamesh Banner x1
Versillies Banner x1



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